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Renowned culinary education in the comfort of your kitchen. With all the benefits of tutor interaction, classroom forums and lifetime access. Includes a unique upgrade option, to convert learning into an internationally recognised culinary qualification from Level 2 and beyond.

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Learn to cook with control and confidence,

from stovetop basics to artisan baking.



Simply post your comments and receive a quick response from your tutor. View the questions and answers from your classroom too.



Build a CPD portfolio by compiling the recipes alongside feedback and food images (template provided).



Unpack your culinary quests before, during and after with 1-2-1 coaching sessions with your mentor.

Cinematic culinary tutorials from the award-winning academy kitchen 

The Digital Chef ™


Lifetime access

  • Step-by-step tutorials
  • 1-2-1 tuition
  • Tutor feedback
  • International classroom
  • Digital certificate 
  • Learning at your pace
  • Qualification upgrade
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Step inside with WhitePepper Online by trying this FREE taster session from The Digital Chef ™️ and improve your Knife Skills while learning how to maintain your Knife set with Course Tutor Luke Stuart.

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Are you looking for an efficient and inspirational way to train your culinary teams, students or employees? Our online training is designed to provide individuals within teams the knowledge, enrichment and nourishment to be fulfilled and successful. 

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The purpose built culinary training platform

An excellent option for those who prefer to learn in their own kitchen or who can't physically reach the Academy. With built-in classroom Q&A, 12 months access to a culinary mentor and lifetime access to all the resources you'll have everything you need to succeed.  As depicted (above) the step-by-step tutorials breakdown the complex culinary techniques into achievable portions. Proven to dovetail into any schedule.

Succinct Qualification upgrade

Level 2 Award in Cookery Skills

In collaboration with the Confederation of Tourism and Hospitality you can now obtain an internationally recognised qualification by adding 5 days of in-person training

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If your considering enrolling on The Digital Chef ™️ or L2 Award in Culinary Skills but have a few questions, book a no obligation call with Claire in Admissions.

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